What Is Clutch Kick?

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In the world of motorsports, there are several techniques used by professional drivers to gain control and maximize speed during a race. One such technique is known as the clutch kick. In this article, we will explore what clutch kick is, how it is performed, and its significance in the world of racing.

Understanding Clutch Kick

Clutch kick is a technique commonly used in drifting and rally racing. It involves momentarily disengaging the clutch and then quickly engaging it again while simultaneously applying throttle to the vehicle. This abrupt action causes the rear wheels to lose traction momentarily and then regain it, resulting in a controlled slide. The goal is to initiate and maintain a controlled drift around corners or through challenging terrain.

The Technique

When approaching a corner or a section of the track that requires a change in direction, the driver initiates the clutch kick by quickly pressing and releasing the clutch pedal while simultaneously applying throttle. This action causes the engine’s RPM to increase rapidly, which results in a momentary loss of traction in the rear wheels. It is essential to time the release of the clutch and the application of throttle precisely to maintain control of the vehicle.

Benefits of Clutch Kick

The clutch kick technique offers several advantages to race car drivers. Firstly, it allows them to maintain a high level of speed while navigating through tight corners. By initiating a controlled drift, the driver can keep the vehicle’s momentum without losing too much speed. Additionally, clutch kick enables drivers to adjust the vehicle’s angle and position during a drift, which is crucial for maintaining the desired racing line and avoiding obstacles.

Mastering Clutch Kick

Mastering the clutch kick technique requires practice and skill. Drivers need to develop a deep understanding of their vehicle’s power delivery, clutch engagement, and throttle response. It is crucial to find the right balance between clutch engagement and throttle application to achieve the desired level of slide and control. Regular practice on a controlled track or in a safe environment is essential to refine this technique.


Clutch kick is a valuable technique in the world of racing, particularly in drifting and rally events. It allows drivers to maintain speed, control, and style while navigating challenging corners or terrains. By mastering the clutch kick technique, drivers can enhance their racing skills and gain a competitive edge on the track. However, it is essential to note that the clutch kick requires practice, precision, and adequate safety measures to ensure a successful and safe racing experience.