Strollers Banned At Disney: A New Policy To Enhance Park Experience

Oversized strollers will be banned from Disney Parks DisneywithIzzy
Oversized strollers will be banned from Disney Parks DisneywithIzzy from


Disney theme parks have always been known for their magical experiences and family-friendly environment. In an effort to enhance the park experience for all guests, a new policy has been introduced in 2023, banning oversized strollers from the premises. This move aims to improve crowd flow, reduce congestion, and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone visiting the parks.

The Need for Change

Over the years, Disney parks have witnessed a significant increase in the number of families visiting with large strollers. While strollers are essential for families with young children, the growing size of strollers has become a concern. These oversized strollers often block walkways, hinder accessibility, and create obstacles for other guests. Hence, the need for a revised stroller policy arose.

New Stroller Size Restrictions

Under the new policy, strollers exceeding a certain size limit are prohibited from entering the Disney parks. Strollers must now be no larger than 31 inches in width and 52 inches in length. This ensures that strollers can easily maneuver through the park’s pathways, allowing for better crowd flow and reducing the chances of accidents or inconveniences.

Benefits for Guests

The ban on oversized strollers brings several benefits for guests. Firstly, it enables a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone. With fewer large strollers clogging up walkways, guests can move freely and explore the park without unnecessary obstacles. Moreover, families with smaller strollers can now navigate through crowds and attractions more easily, making their visit hassle-free.

Improved Accessibility

By implementing the new stroller policy, Disney aims to improve accessibility for all guests, including those with mobility challenges. The narrower stroller dimensions create wider pathways, allowing wheelchair users and individuals with disabilities to navigate the park with greater ease. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can fully enjoy the Disney magic.

Alternative Solutions

For families with larger strollers that do not meet the new size requirements, Disney provides alternative solutions. Stroller rental services are available at the park entrances. These rental strollers comply with the new size restrictions, ensuring families can still enjoy the convenience of strollers without compromising crowd flow and accessibility.

Planning Ahead

To avoid any inconvenience, it is advisable for guests to plan ahead and check the stroller policy before visiting the Disney parks. This way, families can either bring a stroller that adheres to the size guidelines or make arrangements to rent one at the park. Planning ahead ensures a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone.

Positive Reception

While any policy change can initially cause concerns, the ban on oversized strollers at Disney has generally been well-received by guests. Many appreciate the effort to improve crowd flow and accessibility, recognizing that it ultimately enhances the overall park experience. Families with smaller strollers also applaud the change, as it allows them to navigate the park more easily and enjoy their time to the fullest.

Feedback and Adaptation

Disney values guest feedback and continuously monitors the impact of the stroller policy. As visitor needs evolve, the park management remains open to adjustments and adaptations. This ensures that the stroller policy is always aligned with guest expectations, further enhancing the Disney park experience for years to come.


The new stroller policy at Disney parks reflects the commitment to creating a magical and accessible experience for all guests. With the ban on oversized strollers, Disney aims to improve crowd flow, reduce congestion, and enhance overall park enjoyment. Families visiting the parks can now navigate with ease, ensuring that the Disney magic reaches everyone, regardless of their mobility needs or stroller preferences.