Splash Mountain Boat Sinking: A Shocking Incident At Disneyland

Splash Mountain Boat Sinks AGAIN for the Third Time
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In the summer of 2023, a shocking incident occurred at Disneyland’s iconic Splash Mountain ride. One of the boats carrying park visitors unexpectedly sank, causing panic and raising concerns about the safety of the popular attraction. This unfortunate incident has left both park management and visitors with many questions and concerns.

What Happened?

On a busy afternoon, a Splash Mountain boat carrying ten passengers suddenly started taking on water. As the boat continued to fill up, it eventually sank, leaving the passengers stranded in the water. Thankfully, Disneyland’s quick response team was on the scene immediately, rescuing all passengers within minutes. While no injuries were reported, the incident has sparked a wave of discussions regarding ride safety.

Investigation and Safety Measures

Following the incident, Disneyland launched a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the boat sinking. Preliminary findings suggest a mechanical failure in the boat’s flotation system. This failure allowed water to enter the vessel, causing it to sink. Disneyland has taken immediate steps to inspect and repair all boats in the fleet to prevent any future accidents.

In addition to the mechanical inspection, Disneyland has also emphasized the importance of regular staff training on emergency procedures. The park aims to ensure that all employees are well-equipped to handle any unforeseen incidents promptly.

Visitor Reactions

Visitors to Disneyland have expressed their concerns and shock over the boat sinking incident. Many are questioning the overall safety of the park’s attractions, especially the older rides like Splash Mountain. Disneyland has reassured its visitors that their safety is their utmost priority and that they have implemented enhanced safety measures in response to the incident.

Rebuilding Trust

Disneyland is working diligently to regain visitors’ trust in the aftermath of the boat sinking incident. The park has been transparent with its investigation findings and the steps being taken to prevent future accidents. By demonstrating their commitment to safety, Disneyland hopes to assure visitors that they can continue to enjoy their time at the park without worry.

The Future of Splash Mountain

Given the boat sinking incident, there have been discussions about the future of Splash Mountain. Some argue that the ride should undergo a complete overhaul to incorporate newer safety technologies, while others believe that the incident was an isolated incident and that the ride should remain as it is.


The Splash Mountain boat sinking incident at Disneyland has raised concerns about ride safety and visitor well-being. Disneyland has taken immediate action to address the issue, conducting investigations, implementing safety measures, and focusing on rebuilding trust. As the park continues to prioritize visitor safety, it is hoped that incidents like these will become a thing of the past, allowing visitors to enjoy the magical experiences Disneyland has to offer.