Ph3593A Oil Filter Fits What Vehicle?

Find Fram PH3593A Spin on Oil Filter in Myakka City, Florida, US, for
Find Fram PH3593A Spin on Oil Filter in Myakka City, Florida, US, for from


When it comes to vehicle maintenance, one crucial component that often gets overlooked is the oil filter. The PH3593A oil filter is a popular choice among vehicle owners due to its compatibility with various models and brands. In this article, we will explore the vehicles that this oil filter fits, providing you with the information you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

What is the PH3593A Oil Filter?

The PH3593A oil filter is a high-quality filter designed to remove impurities from the engine oil, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. It is manufactured by a reputable brand and has gained recognition for its efficiency and durability.

Vehicles That the PH3593A Oil Filter Fits


The PH3593A oil filter is compatible with various Honda models, including the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit, Odyssey, and Pilot. Whether you own a sedan, SUV, or minivan, this oil filter is an excellent choice for maintaining the health of your Honda’s engine.


Toyota owners can also benefit from using the PH3593A oil filter. It fits popular models such as the Camry, Corolla, RAV4, Highlander, and Tacoma. Installing this oil filter will help keep your Toyota’s engine clean and prevent potential damage caused by contaminants.


If you own a Nissan vehicle, you’ll be pleased to know that the PH3593A oil filter is compatible with models like the Altima, Sentra, Rogue, Pathfinder, and Frontier. By choosing this oil filter, you can ensure that your Nissan’s engine remains in optimal condition.


Owners of Ford vehicles, including the Focus, Fusion, Escape, Explorer, and F-150, can use the PH3593A oil filter to maintain their engine’s performance. With its superior filtration capabilities, this oil filter will help protect your Ford’s engine from harmful particles.


The PH3593A oil filter is also a suitable choice for Chevrolet models such as the Cruze, Malibu, Equinox, Traverse, and Silverado. By using this oil filter, you can keep your Chevrolet’s engine clean and ensure its longevity.

Other Brands

In addition to the mentioned brands, the PH3593A oil filter fits various other vehicles, including Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, GMC, and Volkswagen. It is always recommended to check your vehicle’s manual or consult with a professional to ensure compatibility.


Choosing the right oil filter is essential for maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle’s engine. The PH3593A oil filter offers compatibility with a wide range of vehicles, including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, and more. By installing this oil filter, you can ensure that your engine remains clean and protected from harmful contaminants. Remember to refer to your vehicle’s manual or seek professional advice to confirm compatibility before making a purchase. Keep your vehicle running smoothly with the PH3593A oil filter!