How To Get Tires In 7 Days To Die

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7 Days to Die is a popular survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic world. In this game, players must navigate through a vast open world, scavenge for resources, and defend themselves against hordes of zombies. One of the essential resources players need to progress in the game is tires. Tires are crucial for crafting vehicles, which can greatly aid in exploration and survival. In this article, we will discuss various methods to obtain tires in 7 Days to Die.


The most common way to obtain tires in 7 Days to Die is through scavenging. You can find tires in various locations, such as abandoned cars, garages, and gas stations. Explore cities and towns, and search every corner for potential tire loot. Keep an eye out for cars with intact tires or piles of junk that might contain tires. Scavenging can be time-consuming, but it is a reliable method to acquire tires.


If you’re having difficulty finding tires through scavenging, consider trading with other players or non-playable characters (NPCs). In 7 Days to Die, you can interact with NPCs who might be willing to trade tires in exchange for other items or resources. Join online communities or visit in-game settlements to connect with other players who might have spare tires. Trading can be a quick and efficient way to acquire tires, especially if you have valuable items to offer in return.


In addition to scavenging and trading, you can also farm for tires in 7 Days to Die. This method requires a bit more effort and resources but can provide a sustainable supply of tires. To start farming tires, you will need to acquire a wrench and find abandoned cars or vehicles. Use the wrench to dismantle the cars and vehicles, which will yield tires as well as other useful materials. By continuously farming and dismantling vehicles, you can steadily accumulate a stockpile of tires.

Vehicle Workshops

Another method to obtain tires is by locating vehicle workshops in 7 Days to Die. Vehicle workshops are specific locations where you can find intact vehicles or parts, including tires. These workshops are often hidden in remote areas or underground bunkers, so exploration and careful navigation are necessary. Once you find a vehicle workshop, thoroughly search the premises for tires and any other vehicle-related resources.

Trading Posts

Trading posts are settlements or areas where various traders gather to exchange goods and services. In 7 Days to Die, you can come across trading posts during your exploration. These trading posts may have vendors who sell tires or even quests that reward you with tires upon completion. Keep an eye out for trading posts on your map or ask other players for their locations. Visit trading posts regularly to check for tire availability and engage in trading activities.

Quests and Rewards

Completing quests and challenges in 7 Days to Die can also earn you tires as rewards. Throughout the game, you will encounter NPCs who offer quests or challenges. These quests often involve specific objectives or tasks that, once completed, grant you rewards, including tires. Pay attention to the NPCs’ dialogue and explore different areas to find quests that offer tire rewards. Completing quests not only provides you with tires but also adds depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Random Events

7 Days to Die features random events that occur throughout the game world. These events can range from zombie hordes attacking to supply drops falling from the sky. Participating in and successfully completing these random events can reward you with various items, including tires. Keep an eye on the game’s event notifications, and be prepared to take on these challenges to obtain valuable resources like tires.

Trading with Vendors

Aside from trading with other players, you can also trade with in-game vendors or traders. These vendors can be found in settlements or specific locations and often have a variety of items available for trade, including tires. Collect valuable resources or currency and visit these vendors to purchase the tires you need. Building a good relationship with vendors can also result in better trade deals and a higher chance of finding rare tires.

Player-Dropped Loot

In multiplayer games, players can drop items they no longer need or want. This presents an opportunity for you to acquire tires from other players. Engage in cooperative gameplay, join online communities, or participate in trading activities to increase your chances of obtaining tires from player-dropped loot. Communicate with other players and negotiate fair trades to expand your tire collection.


Obtaining tires in 7 Days to Die is crucial for progressing in the game and improving your survival chances. Whether through scavenging, trading, farming, or completing quests, there are various methods to acquire tires. Explore the game world, interact with NPCs and other players, and keep an eye out for opportunities to obtain this valuable resource. With enough perseverance and resourcefulness, you’ll have a stockpile of tires to craft vehicles and enhance your gameplay experience in 7 Days to Die.