Harbor Point Trolley Schedule In 2023

Harbor Point Trolley Connecting Stamford Downtown & Harbor Point Hey
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Harbor Point, a vibrant and bustling waterfront community, offers residents and visitors a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation through its trolley service. This article provides an updated schedule for the Harbor Point Trolley in 2023, making it easier for people to plan their journeys and explore this exciting neighborhood.

Weekday Schedule

Morning Rush Hour

The weekday schedule starts bright and early with the first trolley departing from the Harbor Point Transportation Center at 6:00 am. This early bird service caters to commuters heading to downtown offices and ensures they reach their destinations on time. Trolleys run every 15 minutes during the morning rush hour, offering a reliable and efficient way to travel.

Midday and Afternoon

As the day progresses, the trolley frequency reduces slightly. From 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, the trolleys operate every 30 minutes. This schedule caters to those who wish to explore the various shops, restaurants, and attractions within Harbor Point at a more leisurely pace.

Evening Service

The trolley service remains operational until late in the evening to accommodate residents and visitors who want to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Harbor Point. From 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm, the trolleys run every 20 minutes, ensuring convenient transportation options for those heading to dinner, events, or entertainment venues.

Weekend Schedule


On Saturdays, the trolley service operates from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The trolleys follow a similar schedule to weekdays, with departures every 20 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours. Whether you’re planning a shopping trip, a visit to the waterfront park, or a relaxing meal by the harbor, the trolley is an excellent choice for getting around.


Sundays are a bit more relaxed, with trolley services starting at 9:00 am and ending at 8:00 pm. The frequency remains the same as Saturdays, ensuring convenient transportation for residents and visitors who want to make the most out of their weekends in Harbor Point.

Holiday Schedule

The Harbor Point Trolley operates on a modified schedule during holidays, ensuring that people can still enjoy the convenience of this transportation option. It’s advisable to check the specific holiday schedule on the official Harbor Point website or contact the transportation center for any updates or changes.


The Harbor Point Trolley is a reliable and efficient mode of transportation for residents and visitors, offering easy access to the various attractions, dining, shopping, and entertainment options within this vibrant waterfront community. By following the updated schedule for 2023, individuals can plan their journeys and explore Harbor Point with ease, enjoying all that this exciting neighborhood has to offer.