Does Discount Tire Take Old Tires?

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When it comes to changing tires, one common question that many people have is whether Discount Tire accepts old tires. It’s important to know how to properly dispose of old tires to ensure environmental responsibility and compliance with local regulations. In this article, we will explore whether Discount Tire accepts old tires and provide you with some tips on how to handle them.

Why Is Proper Tire Disposal Important?

Proper tire disposal is crucial because tires can have a negative impact on the environment if not handled correctly. When left in landfills, tires can take up valuable space and can even become breeding grounds for pests and diseases. Moreover, when tires are burned, they release harmful chemicals into the air, contributing to air pollution. Therefore, it is essential to dispose of tires responsibly.

Does Discount Tire Accept Old Tires?

Yes, Discount Tire does accept old tires. As part of their commitment to environmental sustainability, Discount Tire offers a tire recycling program to help customers properly dispose of their old tires. This program ensures that the tires are recycled and repurposed in an environmentally friendly manner.

How Does the Discount Tire Recycling Program Work?

When you purchase new tires from Discount Tire, they will typically ask if you have old tires that need to be disposed of. If you do, they will accept your old tires and take care of the recycling process for you. The old tires are collected and sent to specialized facilities where they are recycled into various products, such as playground surfaces, athletic tracks, and even new tires.

What Are the Benefits of the Discount Tire Recycling Program?

The Discount Tire recycling program offers several benefits. Firstly, it ensures that old tires are disposed of properly, minimizing their impact on the environment. Secondly, recycling tires reduces the demand for raw materials used in tire production, such as rubber and oil. This helps conserve natural resources and reduces energy consumption. Lastly, by recycling tires, valuable materials are recovered, reducing the need for new materials and promoting a circular economy.

Tips for Handling Old Tires

While Discount Tire offers a convenient solution for tire disposal, there are some tips you should keep in mind when handling old tires:

1. Store tires properly:

If you have old tires that you plan to dispose of later, it’s essential to store them properly. Keep them in a cool, dry place to prevent degradation and potential fire hazards.

2. Check local regulations:

Before disposing of old tires, check your local regulations to ensure compliance. Some areas have specific guidelines for tire disposal.

3. Consider tire reuse:

If your old tires are still in good condition, consider donating or selling them for reuse. This can help extend their lifespan and reduce waste.


When it comes to old tire disposal, Discount Tire provides a convenient and environmentally friendly solution. By participating in their tire recycling program, you can ensure that your old tires are properly recycled and repurposed. Remember to follow the tips mentioned above for handling old tires, and always prioritize responsible tire disposal to protect the environment.