Diamond Aircraft Da62 Price In 2023

N87DA, 2020 Diamond DA62, S/N 62.133, Price 1,448,680. Trades
N87DA, 2020 Diamond DA62, S/N 62.133, Price 1,448,680. Trades from www.pinterest.co.uk

Diamond Aircraft DA62 Price in 2023

Diamond Aircraft DA62 Overview

The Diamond Aircraft DA62 is a modern twin-engine aircraft known for its exceptional performance, advanced technology, and luxurious cabin. It is manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, a leading aircraft manufacturer based in Austria.

Performance and Specifications

The DA62 is powered by two Austro Engine AE330 turbocharged common-rail injected engines, providing excellent fuel efficiency and range. It has a maximum cruise speed of 200 knots and a maximum range of 1,500 nautical miles, making it suitable for long-range flights.

Luxurious Cabin

The DA62 features a spacious and comfortable cabin that can accommodate up to seven passengers. The interior is designed with high-quality materials and offers a variety of customization options. Passengers can enjoy a quiet and smooth flight experience, thanks to the aircraft’s advanced noise reduction technology.

Advanced Avionics

The DA62 is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, including the Garmin G1000 NXi integrated flight deck. This advanced system provides pilots with enhanced situational awareness, real-time weather information, and precise navigation capabilities. The aircraft also has an automatic flight control system, making it easier and safer to fly.

Diamond Aircraft DA62 Price

As of 2023, the price of a new Diamond Aircraft DA62 starts at around $1.5 million. The final price may vary based on additional customization options and avionics upgrades. It’s important to note that prices may change over time due to various factors, including inflation and changes in manufacturing costs.

Operating Costs

In addition to the initial purchase price, it’s essential to consider the operating costs of owning a DA62. These costs include fuel, maintenance, insurance, and hangar fees. The specific operating costs can vary depending on factors such as fuel prices, flight hours, and maintenance requirements.

Resale Value

The DA62 is known for its excellent resale value, which is an important consideration for potential buyers. Diamond Aircraft’s reputation for manufacturing high-quality aircraft contributes to the aircraft’s strong market demand and value retention over time.


The Diamond Aircraft DA62 offers a combination of performance, luxury, and advanced technology. With its spacious cabin, advanced avionics, and impressive range, it is a popular choice among private owners and charter operators. While the price of a new DA62 may seem high, the aircraft’s features and resale value make it a worthwhile investment for those in need of a reliable and versatile twin-engine aircraft.