Can You Put 16 Inch Tires On 17 Inch Rims?

Can You Put 16 Tires On 17 Rims
Can You Put 16 Tires On 17 Rims from


If you are a car enthusiast or someone who loves to customize their vehicle, you may have wondered whether it is possible to put 16 inch tires on 17 inch rims. While it is technically possible to do so, there are several factors to consider before making this modification. In this article, we will explore the implications of mismatching tire and rim sizes, and discuss whether it is a viable option for your vehicle.

Understanding Tire and Rim Sizes

Before delving into the compatibility of different tire and rim sizes, it is important to understand how these measurements work. The first number in a tire size indicates the diameter of the tire in inches, while the second number represents the width of the tire. On the other hand, the rim size corresponds to the diameter of the wheel in inches.

Effects of Mismatching Tire and Rim Sizes

When you put 16 inch tires on 17 inch rims, there are several effects that can occur. Firstly, the tire will not fit snugly on the rim, which can lead to an increased risk of tire separation or blowouts. Additionally, the tire sidewall will be stretched, affecting the overall handling and performance of your vehicle. It can also impact the accuracy of your speedometer, as the rolling diameter of the tire will be different from the manufacturer’s specifications.

Performance and Safety Considerations

Using a tire that is not recommended for a specific rim size can compromise both the performance and safety of your vehicle. The tire’s ability to provide proper traction, especially during braking and turning, may be significantly reduced. This can lead to longer stopping distances and decreased stability on the road, increasing the risk of accidents.

Alternative Options

If you are looking to change the appearance of your vehicle or enhance its performance, there are alternative options to consider. Upgrading to larger rims while maintaining the appropriate tire size is a popular choice among car enthusiasts. This allows for a more aggressive stance and improved handling without compromising safety. Additionally, there are various aftermarket accessories available that can help you achieve the desired aesthetic without compromising on functionality.

Consulting a Professional

Before making any modifications to your vehicle’s tire and rim sizes, it is highly recommended to consult with a professional mechanic or tire specialist. They have the knowledge and experience to guide you in making the right decision based on your specific vehicle and requirements. They can also help you identify any potential issues or limitations that may arise from mismatching tire and rim sizes.


While it is technically possible to put 16 inch tires on 17 inch rims, it is not advisable due to the potential safety and performance implications. Mismatching tire and rim sizes can compromise the handling, stability, and overall functionality of your vehicle. If you are looking to make modifications to your vehicle, it is best to explore alternative options that maintain the appropriate tire and rim sizes while achieving the desired aesthetic or performance enhancements. Remember to consult with a professional to ensure that any modifications are done safely and effectively.